ADDITIONAL MOBILITY CALL FALL 2017- deadline extended

Erasmus+ FALL MOBILITY CALL is extended till 22 DECEMBER 2017.

Following types of mobility are eligible:

- STUDENT (BSc, MSc, PhD) spring semester 2017/2018 for 3-5 months

- STAFF - period of stay must be agreed with the hosting institution within the academic year 2017/2018 for 5 working days

Available placements:

Armenia: 1 x Academic staff

Azerbaijan: 1 x Academic staff

Canada: 1 x student/4 months
Comment: Call is open for Bachelor/ Master/ PhD

Georgia: 1 x MSc, 1 x Academic staff

India: 1 x MSc (available only for BAMU, Aurangabad)
           1 x Academic staff (available only for KIIT, Bhubaneswar)

Indonesia: 1 x Academic staff

Israel (HUJI, THC): 2 x student (BSc or MSc), 1 x Academic staff

Kazakhstan: 1 x Academic staff

Mongolia: 1 x Academic staff

Poland: 1 Msc (--> Albania), 1 x MSc (--> Serbia), 1 x MSc (--> Russian Federation)
1 x PhD/ 3 months (--> China, South Africa, Thailand)

Russian Federation (Moscow, Omsk, Stavropol): 1 x Academic staff

Serbia (Educons, University of Novi Sad: Faculty of Agriculture & Faculty of Sciences):
2 x MSc, 3 x Academic staff.

South Africa (UP, TUT): 1 x Msc, 1 x Academic staff

Taiwan: 1 x MSc, 1 x Academic staff

Thailand: 1 x MSc, 2 x Academic staff




Please read carefully all information available in the menu bar on top of the ERASMUS+ (PARTNER COUNTRIES) website!

In order to apply please click on SUBMIT APPLICATION.

Start: 12 December 2017

Deadline: 22 December 2017 (23:59 CET)