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The Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW  coordinates educational projects included in the Key Action 1 Mobility for Learners and Staff - Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility with Partner Countries emerging a proposal with a wide geographical scope, covering 17 countries and 24 institutions from the Eurasia Region, Western Balkans, South-Mediterranean countries, South Africa and North America.

Proposed projects aim to exchange students, doctorate candidates and teaching staff between Poland and Partner Countries' Institutions oriented to life sciences, agriculture, biology, food sciences, environment and technology. Participating institutions will join efforts to enhance cooperation for providing excellence in teaching, research and promote exchange of students in the fields covered.


ERASMUS+ Programme includes 4 types of mobility according to the academic level of the candidates:
  • Undergraduate
  • Master
  • Doctorate
  • Academic Staff

ERASMUS+ programme will cover monthly allowances:
Category Amounts of individual support
Student from Partner Country going to Poland

750 EUR / month

800 EUR / month (from project 2018 on)

Student from Poland going to Partner Country

650 EUR / month

700 EUR / month (from project 2018 on)

Staff from Partner Country going to Poland 140 EUR / day (up to 14 days of stay)
Staff from Poland going to Partner Country

160 EUR / day (up to 14 days of stay)

180 EUR / month (up to 14 days of stay) (from project 2018 on)

Selected candidates will receive top-up amounts to support them in covering their travel costs (amount based on a travel distance).
Travel distances Amount
Between 100 and 499 KM: 180 EUR per participant
Between 500 and 1999 KM: 275 EUR per participant
Between 2000 and 2999 KM: 360 EUR per participant
Between 3000 and 3999 KM: 530 EUR per participant
Between 4000 and 7999 KM: 820 EUR per participant
8000 KM or more:

1100 EUR per participant

1500 EUR per participant (from project 2018 on)


Grantees must cover insurance and visa fees on their own. Insurance is basically required by the consulate to obtain a visa.

  • Student mobility - 3-5 months (depending on category)
  • Staff mobility - 5 days (+ 2 days for travel)

Project coordinator takes final decision regarding daily allowances paid to staff and monthly allowances paid to students depending on the academic calendar of each partner institution (student mobility period is of minimum 3 months, maximum 5 months). The schedule of classes at the host institution must be respected.

In case of mobility shorter than minimally eligible period (student mobility - 3 months, staff mobility  - 5 days) entire allowance must be reimbursed to Project coordinator, with the exception of duly proven cases of force majeure.  


Please check available placements in the tab MOBILITY CALL.

The Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW launches mobility call for applicants within the lifetime of the project (depending on up-to-date number of awarded grants). Project coordinating institution reserves a right to open an additional call for applicants if necessary to ensure that the project mobility capacity is reached successfully.